The Stay At Work Housewife 30 Days Happier Challenge

I have to admit that at this time in my life, I have everything I have always wanted.  A wonderful, supportive husband, the career of my dreams, a beautiful home, three healthy rescue animals, and I’m surrounded by amazing, loving people.  A few weeks ago, after a busy day at work, and a nice dinner with my husband, I sat on the couch practically buzzing with excitement.  The kind of warmth and giddiness I get after having a few glasses of wine, only I hadn’t drank that night, and there wasn’t anything terribly exciting going on that day or the next.  “What is going on with me?” I wondered.  Then I realized: I am happy.  I’ve walked around these past few weeks addicted to that feeling and wanting it back!  Now before anyone starts thinking that I usually walk around mopey and depressed, this is not the case.  Sure, I get into the occasional ‘funk’ for no reason, where I just feel kind of blah, but I am not an unhappy person.  In fact I would describe myself as a generally happy person, like I said earlier, I have a million reasons to be happy, but I rarely feel happiness for an extended period of time.  

I’m a pretty cynical person, that might have something to do with it, but I try to see the positive in everything.  I recently read a study that the area of your brain that controls creativity is also responsible for negative emotions; so the more creative you are, the more likely you are to feel frequently melancholy. However, I’m going to go ahead and say that it is a product of my generation.  We want and want and want something, and then when we finally get it, instead of taking time to feel grateful, we move straight into wanting the next thing.  Take technology for example: Some people stand in line for hours waiting on the latest version of a phone, then not too long after you get it, they announce that your ‘new’ phone is old, and there’s a better version, so there you are again wanting the next latest thing.  I’m guilty of that, never once have I taken the time to think “I love my phone, I worked very hard to be able to pay for it and it serves me well every day.” It’s usually more like “Stupid phone! I can’t wait for my next upgrade!”. Instead of appreciating the things that I already have, I’m constantly looking forward to the next thing, and it’s robbing me of feeling daily happiness.  I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with setting goals for yourself and working hard towards achieving them, that’s how you become successful, but I do think you should allow yourself time to revel in your accomplishments.  After all, why work so hard for them without taking time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?! 

That is why for the month of June I am challenging myself to live happier! Nothing really big, just things I can do on a daily basis to bring myself joy, that are small, free, and not at all time consuming!  Here’s what I have decided work for me personally:

  • Take time to think about the things in life I am grateful for.  I will not discount all of the hours of hard work it has taken me to get to this point in my life, personally, professionally, and financially.  While remaining humble, I will take time out of my day to be mindful of all of the amazing things in my life that I get to enjoy each and every day!
  • Take time to admire something that makes me smile.  There is beauty all around us, and like the old saying goes “Stop and smell the roses!”  It is easy to get hung up on all of the negative things going on in the world, which is why it is important to take a moment to appreciate the little things that make you smile. From the art in your morning latte, to the beautiful sunsets every evening. 
  • Do something thoughtful for someone else.  I always find I get more enjoyment out of making someone else happy, than doing something for myself.  Whether it’s letting someone know how much they mean to me, sending my mom flowers for no reason, letting someone at the bank who seems to be in a hurry cut in front of me, or simply paying a stranger a compliment!
  • Eat healthy.  I am at my very best when I follow a strict Paleo diet, so for the month of June I will be doing The Whole 30 challenge.

I invite you to share this journey with me, and join The Stay At Work Housewife’s 30 Days Happier Challenge!  By doing this together we can provide each other with support, hold each other accountable, and find joy in our mutual happiness, all while growing together! 

Here’s how it works:

For the month of June

Follow me on Instagram @stayatworkhousewife 

Each day post either:

  • Something in your life you are grateful for.
  • Something little that made you smile.
  • Something thoughtful you did for someone else.
  • Something special you did for yourself.

On Sunday’s post the highlight of your week!

With each post use the hashtag #30dayshappier and tag me @stayatworkhousewife

Remember everyone’s journey is different, maybe one day a simple quote inspired you, or you started a savings account, or finished an incomplete project around the house.  Alternatively, maybe instead of looking at a dent in the wall you’ve been meaning to patch and feeling frustrated, you look at it and smile, appreciating that your life has kept you busy doing so many amazing things, that you haven’t had time to get to it!  There are no rules, just be happy!

Let me know who is joining me by posting the picture below with the caption:

“I am joining The Stay At Work Housewife’s 30 Days Happier Challenge for the month of June! @stayatworkhousewife #30dayshappier



Mark your calendars for September 5th & 6th (Labor Day Weekend) and get ready for what is sure to be the swankiest antique and vintage fair in the Mid West! It takes place at The Heart of Ohio Antique Center at 4785 E National Road in Springfield, Oh.


You might have picked up on my love for all things vintage, especially the hunt for the perfect find! (If you haven’t picked up on it, here’s a few posts that make it pretty obvious: 2014 County Living Fair, 2013 Country Living Fair, Antiquing).  One of my favorite places to hunt is The Heart of Ohio Antique Center in my hometown of Springfield Ohio!  Don’t get me wrong, I love digging through stacks in a place that looks like it could be my Grandmas attic, but there is something about a clean, perfectly organized antique mall, like The Heart of Ohio, that makes this OCD/vintage loving girl very very happy!  So when I heard that Abbey Knight (daughter of the owners of The Heart) was organizing her own antique and vintage fair, well there’s no word strong enough to convey my excitement!  

According to Abbey “The Knight’s Antique and Vintage Fair will not be your average show!”  It is a juried event where participating vendors were picked based on quality, product variety, originality, and display.  Not only will there be over 60 dealers in the tent, there will also be food trucks, and The Heart of Ohio Antique Center will be open, with over 120,000 square feet of antique, vintage, and repurposed items! With Abbey’s passion for Mid-Century Modern items, she’s a girl after my own heart!   You can be sure with her in charge of hand selecting the dealers that this is going to be an amazing event that you will regret missing once you see my post on all of the cool things I end up buying!  

Stay tuned for my Country Living Fair style post, where I’ll tell you how to make a weekend/day out of The White Tent Event in my hometown, complete with my favorite local food and attractions!