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Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Wife, Animal Mom, Salon Manager, Paleo Maven

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I was basically raised by two types of women:

My 1980’s corporate world, workaholic, “I don’t need a man!” , glass ceiling shattering mother, Sheri; and while she was on business trips and during the summer, my 1950’s housewife, cooking, cleaning, raising the kids, “have your hair and makeup done before your husband gets home” Mammaw, Dee (my mom’s mom).

This created some kind of workaholic/stay at home mom hybrid lifestyle desire in me that I like to call “the stay at work housewife”.  I’ll admit, I spread myself a little thin sometimes, trying to climb the ladder to the top at work, while keeping a clean house, a happy husband, well behaved animals, AND all in flawless hair and makeup! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My “real job” is as the general manager of a local chain of salons in Columbus, Ohio.  Although I dream of becoming a full time blogger, I know I could never give up the organized chaos that is running a salon.  There’s nothing else that gets my blood flowing like problem solving on a busy Saturday when someone has called in sick, the phone is ringing off the hook, and clients are lined out the door begging to be squeezed in; I live for it.

But at night the salon apron comes off, and the cooking apron goes on (AmyD aprons of course!).  I have always had a passion for living the best possible life I can give myself, in fact, when making a big decision you’ll hear me asking “Will this make me the BEST version of myself?” (That’s how I ended up with such an amazing husband!).  For as long as I can remember I’ve had low energy, a weak digestive system and looked about 3 months pregnant at all times.  I have always struggled to find the right way of eating that would make me feel 100%, (you can read the various attempts as they happened under the Wellness section of my blog!).  But I FINALLY tried going Paleo and I feel amazing!  Now that passion has grown into helping other people live their best life and feel 100% through my blog!

The Stay At Work Housewife Blog exists to give busy working women hope that they can “have it all”, a healthy life, an organized home, fulfilling relationships, and a successful career, as long as they have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid of a little planning ahead!

Let me help YOU live your best life!

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