Next weekend is finally the Ohio White Tent Event in Springfield Ohio, and since that is my hometown, I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite places to go in Springfield, and some of the vendors I’m looking forward to seeing!



Now, if you’re not too full from all of the amazing food trucks they’re going to have at the Ohio White Tent Event (I’m pretty excited for the Graeter’s Ice Cream Truck, and The Ohio Farm Direct Truck, which sells 100% organic grass fed cheese, burgers and ice cream!) I highly recommend heading over to Mike & Rosy’s Deli.  They are known for their steamed sandwiches, and in my pre gluten free days my lunch of choice was their turkey, swiss and mayo on white, with a side of macaroni salad, a cup of Lumber Jack bean soup (which I can still eat!) and an orange soda.  If you’ve never had a steamed sandwich, you had better make this a priority while you’re in town.  If three days of shopping hasn’t worn you out, you have to check out Young’s Jersey Dairy, which is only 20 minutes away from Heart of Ohio Antique Center!  Once you wear yourself out playing putt-putt, feeding the goats, and hitting some home runs in the batting cages, head to the Dairy Store for ice cream and sandwiches, or down the road to The Golden Jersey Inn for a good old country home cooked meal!

On to shopping! There are a few vendors showing there, that have collectively decorated my house. In fact, I purposely left my kitchen a bit unfinished because I was anticipating hitting up Knight’s Antiques, Flower Child Vintage, and of course Abbey Knight’s perfectly curated booth of mid-century modern and industrial finds.  But there are also a few booths that I’m looking forward to discovering for the first time next weekend!

  • I already know that I need to make a pact with my Mom ahead of time, to stop me from buying every serving tray from Fourth Coast Design Co. to use as props for my food shoots.  (Actually, I better make it a pact not to buy everything from Fourth Coast Design Co.).
  • I need another piece of jewelry like I need a hole in the head, but after taking a peak at Hendersweet’s Etsy store and Phyllis & Hazel’s website, I think I’m going to need to add more necklace hooks above my vanity!
  • Since my husband gets to miss out on all the fun next weekend, I think I’ll be nice and pick him up a candle from 419 Trading Co. for his man cave.  With scents like ‘Bourbon & Tobacco’ and ‘Midwest Firewood’, they’re perfect for him to burn while he writes the next great American novel.

Well I hope to see you all there! Look for me, I’ll be the girl lugging around a bunch of wooden serving trays and trying to write an Instagram post! (@stayatworkhousewife)




Mark your calendars for September 5th & 6th (Labor Day Weekend) and get ready for what is sure to be the swankiest antique and vintage fair in the Mid West! It takes place at The Heart of Ohio Antique Center at 4785 E National Road in Springfield, Oh.


You might have picked up on my love for all things vintage, especially the hunt for the perfect find! (If you haven’t picked up on it, here’s a few posts that make it pretty obvious: 2014 County Living Fair, 2013 Country Living Fair, Antiquing).  One of my favorite places to hunt is The Heart of Ohio Antique Center in my hometown of Springfield Ohio!  Don’t get me wrong, I love digging through stacks in a place that looks like it could be my Grandmas attic, but there is something about a clean, perfectly organized antique mall, like The Heart of Ohio, that makes this OCD/vintage loving girl very very happy!  So when I heard that Abbey Knight (daughter of the owners of The Heart) was organizing her own antique and vintage fair, well there’s no word strong enough to convey my excitement!  

According to Abbey “The Knight’s Antique and Vintage Fair will not be your average show!”  It is a juried event where participating vendors were picked based on quality, product variety, originality, and display.  Not only will there be over 60 dealers in the tent, there will also be food trucks, and The Heart of Ohio Antique Center will be open, with over 120,000 square feet of antique, vintage, and repurposed items! With Abbey’s passion for Mid-Century Modern items, she’s a girl after my own heart!   You can be sure with her in charge of hand selecting the dealers that this is going to be an amazing event that you will regret missing once you see my post on all of the cool things I end up buying!  

Stay tuned for my Country Living Fair style post, where I’ll tell you how to make a weekend/day out of The White Tent Event in my hometown, complete with my favorite local food and attractions! 


Here’s my holiday gift guide for even the trickiest recipient on your list, because why should Oprah get to have all the fun?

For your super stylish sister:

Greater Than earrings from Eli & Barry.  These dainty 10k gold earrings go with everything, so they’re perfect for your super stylish sister, who most people just get a gift card, rather than trying to match her awesome taste!


For your mom who never treats herself:

An Ivory Faux Fur Throw from World Market. Would she buy herself a throw that’s over $50? No.  Will she act like you might as well have spent $500 with the way she’ll ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ as she pets it?  Yes.

For your friend who is always networking:

The One In A Million business card holder from Kate Spade will ensure she’s always ready to make a connection.


For your control freak boss:

The Arc Customizable Notebook by Staples, as a control freak myself, I can tell you that this is the greatest notebook ever!  The size is perfect to toss in a purse, the pages are repositionable, and it gives you the option to add more pages like graphing paper and pocket dividers.  Plus, the leather cover is totally chic!


For your bibliophile aunt:

Personalized self-inking “This Book Belongs To” stamp from Cre8tive Rubber Stamp.  She’ll never lose a book in Book Club again!


For your Dad, because Dad’s are hard to buy for:

A personalized wooden beer carrier from MVwoodworks.  He doesn’t have one already, and I know you’re getting tired of just giving him sporting goods store gift cards….


For your high tech significant other:

The Catchall iPhone 6 Dock from Jigsaw Furnishings.  If your significant other is anything like mine, even though he lives in the same house as you, and most likely was the one who sat his belongings down, you constantly hear the phrase “Have you seen my…..”  Solve that with this smartphone dock that also holds keys, a wallet, glasses and a watch.  Just don’t move it when you clean.



Did this help you mark anyone off your Christmas list?


 DIY outdated filing cabinet makeover 


Why are filing cabinets so expensive? Can someone tell me that? They’re like the furniture equivalent to buying underwear; not much going on but sold at an ungodly price. (Don’t get me started on the cost of underwear, tiny little pieces of fabric that cost more than a gallon of gasoline, are you kidding me?). Plus they aren’t really an attractive piece of furniture for what you pay for them! So when a client mentioned that she was downsizing and getting rid of a lot of things, including the contents of her husband’s office, I asked if that included a filing cabinet.

“Yes!” she said, “and I’ll give it to you for the low price of a batch of your Ooey gooey mint chocolate brownie cookies! My grandson has a gluten allergy and I never know what to make him!”


Well this wasn’t going to fit in with my ultra girly home office, but at the cost of a plate of cookies, I knew I could make it work:


Ultra Girly Office:


With a little pink spray paint, and some cool, patterned contact paper, it was ready to hold all the Kate Spade office accessories and brightly patterned file folders you could throw at it!


What do you think? Has this inspired you to makeover your own bland piece of furniture?



This year’s Country Living Fair was a huge success! I ran into some of my favorite bloggers and vendors, got to spend time with my family (my husband, mom, dad, mother in law, sister and brother in law all tagged along!) and I found a lot of amazing accessories for my home and myself! Here are all of the awesome things I scored, and where you can find the vendors if you missed the Country Living Fair:


Jar with lid, metal basket and vintage mint green sewing machine from The Heart of Ohio Antique booth . I’m obsessed with storage, so the jar is going to end up holding some sort of office supply, I’m thinking rolls of colorful washi tape! The basket seems like the perfect size for notebooks and folders I want to keep at the ready! The sewing machine is going to whip up amazing throw pillows and curtains….just kidding, I don’t sew…I just thought it was pretty. It looks amazing in my office though!


Couldn’t pass up this tea towel from Stash Style, especially since it was only $10!


‘Queen Bee’ bracelet from The Scrabble Chick, bonus: it’s a scrabble “S” tile on the back for “Sage”! ‘Bee Yourself’ bracelet from Metal Monk Jewelry , I obviously have a thing for bees.


I love this print from The Homestead (couldn’t find a website) it’s framed in reclaimed wood and I think it’ll be perfect for the photo wall I’m working on in the master bedroom!


You know I just CAN’T leave The Country Living Fair without an Amy D apron, sold to me by Amy D herself at the Wholly Craft booth! This makes my third one, but I switched things up this year because the other two I own are not half aprons. Whatever, don’t judge me.


The perfect vintage bolero jacket, a steal at $15, from The Velvet Road.


Couldn’t leave the boys out! I picked up this reversible oilcloth mat (the other side is white with blue polka dots!) for the dogs’ dishes from the Modern June booth.



(Me at last year’s Country Living Fair!)

It’s almost time for my favorite event of the year: The Country Living Fair is back in Columbus, OH! You may remember me writing about it last year (jog your memory here!), and it’s hard to believe that it is that time again! It runs September 12-14th from 10 am to 5 pm every day; unfortunately I don’t get to spend the whole weekend there with my schedule at the salon, but I sure know how to make the most of Sunday!

Here is my guide for getting the most out of your Country Living Fair experience in Columbus Ohio:

You have an entire day of shopping ahead of you, so fuel your day by starting off at one of Columbus’ amazing brunch spots!

Third & Hollywood in Grandview: Northstar Cafe’s fancier sister is one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus, and their brunch never disappoints! I love the fresh squeezed orange juice and I never stray away from the iron skillet chorizo and eggs. But if you’re looking for something more lunch than breakfast, the corn and black bean burger could make a carnivore go vegetarian. They don’t consider it gluten free if you ask them, because it’s held together by oats, but I have never reacted to oat gluten (oat gluten is different than wheat gluten, but every intolerance is unique!). If oats don’t give you any problems just order it without a bun and tortilla chips on the side!  Oh and on Sundays they have live jazz, which fills my culture quota for the day!

*While you’re in Grandview, stop by Objects For The Home to get your shopping juices flowing! It’s my favorite home store in Columbus but they also carry fabulous clothes and jewelry. Pick something up from local jewelry designer Lily Schlosser’s line, Eli & Barry, her ‘greater than’ earrings are my favorite!

Next it is on to the fair:
The Columbus Country Living Fair is held at Ohio Village, an adorable re-creation of a mid 19th century town in Ohio, it is super easy to get to off of I71. Parking has never been an issue in the past, but it is kind of a walk from the lot to the fair so don’t wear stilettos!  Once you’re in, here are some of my favorite booths:

Earth Angels Studios– I don’t know if this is the biggest booth at the Country Living Fair, or if it only feels that way because it is so packed full of amazing handmade treasures!

Flower Child– This vintage shop is a Columbus staple stocked with incredible finds from the 1930’s to the 1980’s and their booth never disappoints! If you can’t find something there, you have a boring day of shopping ahead of you.

Ginger Blue Decor– These magnetic frames and mantles really make me wish I were the one who came up with the idea. I stop by every year to get more changeable magnetic art for the one I have in my kitchen.

Heart of Ohio Antiques– They bring the best from their HUGE Springfield Ohio antique mall. I have never walked out of this booth without buying something. If you see Abbey working, tell her Dani sent you!

Igloo Letterpress– They have a cute little shop near my Worthington salon, and their booth satisfies my obsession with pretty paper products.

Jenis Splendid Ice Cream– I’m sure you’ll look at this booth and think “Oh my god this line is too long!” and that is how I will know you have never had the pleasure that is eating salty caramel ice cream from Jenis. Wait in the line and thank me later.

juNxtaposition– Repurposed “junk” that has been made into AMAZING jewelry. Their typewriter key necklaces are my absolute favorite.

Mocking Bird Meadows– She has a cure for whatever ails you! You might recall that I used her herbal bitters for my Digestive System Healing Diet, but I am also a huge fan of her “The Blues” and “Inflammabee” herbal honey spreads.

Modern June– I can spot this booth from a mile away, this is my personal candy store. Not only is everything beyond pretty, her laminated oil cloth products are super easy to clean.

Wholly Craft– This is also a local staple and features handmade goods from over 200 crafters and artists. Pick up an Amy D apron while you’re there!

You’ve worked up the kind of appetite that only comes from an entire day of shopping, but your wallet is probably as empty as your tummy! If you want an inexpensive but completely satisfying meal that has the quality people watching only the Short North can offer, head to Philco Diner. The menu reads like some amazing thing you came up with after a night of drinking, and since you’re drunk on retail therapy (if you’re also for real drunk, I’m not judging you.), this is perfect! The pan roasted pork chop is my personal favorite, but I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the menu!

Now to complete your Country Living Fair experience, you just go home and find the perfect spots for all of your amazing finds from the day!

I want to see your fabulous finds! Tag me on Instagram @stayatworkhousewife and follow me to see what I end up with!





The Fabulous Find was actually a gift last Christmas from my aunt and uncle (they obviously know me so well!). It is an old post office box repurposed into a little combination safe, I use it to throw loose change from my husband’s pockets that I find laying around. It’s definitely the classiest piggy bank I’ve ever seen!



Before I went on vacation I undertook the task of making over the china cabinet that my husband and I inherited after his grandmother passed away. I knew I wanted to do something so that the beautiful china we also got really popped once displayed. I feel so honored to have inherited this china, it was my husband’s great great grandparents wedding china, and although I don’t know the year they were married, the stamp on the bottom indicates that the china was made between 1918 and 1921. You all know by now that I really treasure anything that connects me to people who had a hand in my future, but who I never got the chance to meet, so this is really special to me.

Here is a “Before” picture of the china cabinet:



I started out by removing the metal detail over the glass so that the view into the cabinet wasn’t obstructed. I gave the cabinet a good cleaning with warm water and white vinegar, and primed it with an oil based white primer. I picked a white satin latex paint so the yellow and gold trimmed china really stood out, then I replaced the knobs with the awesome knobs by Daisy Mae Designs I picked up at The Country Living Fair .


Once the cabinet was dry and all of the shelves were put back, it was time to put the china in!  Since the china had spent who knows how long wrapped in newspaper in storage, I spent one afternoon carefully hand washing every piece so it sparkled! This was no small task with this being a ten place setting collection complete with serving dishes! (I was so afraid I was going to break something!).






Here is the finished product:


Now that it’s done I admire it daily and I cannot wait for the day when my future family comes together to enjoy a meal off these like generations before have!

(I also wanted to share something else I found in the cabinet, these are my husband’s great grandparents wedding invitation, reception card, and a picture from their wedding day! I thought this was such an amazing find!).




One of my favorite shops in Columbus, Ohio is Objects For The Home on Grandview Ave; the owners are super nice and they always have the neatest things, if you walk in just to check it out you will leave with something.  This lovely purchase was made by my husband when we were only supposed to be killing time before our dinner reservation down the street.  It’s just a simple wood cut-out with heart shaped pieces on Springfield (my hometown) and Columbus (his hometown and where we live now) but you can put them anywhere on the state you want!  It hangs on the wall as you’re walking into my kitchen and I just think it’s the cutest!


When it comes to my home, I’m a curator, not a decorator, I collect pieces that I love. When I see something that catches my eye I buy it regardless of whether or not I have a place in my home in mind. I can find one. There isn’t a piece I have that was bought out of necessity, I didn’t have a desk in my office for about two years because I couldn’t find “the right one”. (I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect cake stand, who knows how long that will take me.) Every item has a reason behind it’s purchase, although some of my favorite things were inherited or gifts, and those also have a story behind them. I love sharing the stories with my friends and family who come into my home and now I’d love to share them with you! Be on the look out every week as I choose my favorite pieces from my home and share the stories behind them!