Yesterday was day three on my digestive system healing meal plan, similar to the GAPs Intro Diet. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever felt, but I could definitely feel my body trying to fight off the bad bacteria giving it’s last effort in my stomach. At times I felt a little nauseous and was feverish all day. The caffeine and sugar cravings were rough, all I wanted in the world was an iced mocha from Crimson cup! Oh, and I cheated again. I wanted pancakes soooooo badly and started getting so lightheaded that, in order to not take out a whole IHOP, I made some. Now before you freak out, these “pancakes” were puréed butternut squash, cinnamon and almond meal, cooked like a pancake in coconut oil, topped with the tiniest bit of honey. They weren’t pretty, and they weren’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted, but they kept me from falling completely off the wagon so I don’t feel bad! At this point it still isn’t effecting my daily life, I’m not running to the bathroom every five minutes or so hungry I can’t even function. My stomach feels healthy, it isn’t inflamed at all and the headaches have been minimal. Annnnd I’m halfway there!!!!