End of an Era 

     After a lot of consideration I have decided not to renew The Stay At Work Housewife blog when my domain ownership ends in January. The last 5 years of running it have been a blast, and the connections I have made that grew into friendships are invaluable. I never expected anyone besides my mom to even want to read anything I’d post, and the fact that I’m ending this with so many followers is beyond overwhelming.       

     I did not make this decision lightly, there are a lot of hours of my time in The Stay At Work Housewife, between testing recipes, writing, editing, photographing and encouraging you guys to visit on my social media accounts, I could have raised a child with that amount of work! (I’m kidding before some mom without a sense of humor loses it!) Five years ago The Stay At Work Housewife represented who I was at that time in my life, and like every stage of my life I cherish it, but as I have evolved as a person I feel like it no longer fully represents who I am. I am happy to announce that I have have been working on a new project that I’m super excited about and I can’t wait to share it with you all in the coming weeks! 
     Please take the next few months to save your favorite recipes and posts as they will no longer be available in January. 
     Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, your support is humbling and I hope you continue to share it with me in the coming months while I roll out my next adventure!