Viva Las Vegas Gluten Free! (Part Two) 

Part two of my post on my trip to Las Vegas! Click here to read part one.

Serendipity 3 in Ceasars Palace (Dinner):


This was probably the least impressive meal during the trip. Although I loved the frozen hot chocolate, my bun-less burger and fries were just OK. My husband’s Chicago dog looked good and he really liked it, but I would say just go for the frozen hot chocolate!

The Henry in The Cosmopolitan (Dinner):


I knew I needed to prep my stomach for my first night of gambling in Vegas! (Did you know the drinks are free as long as you’re gambling? I couldn’t believe the amount of people who were walking up to the bar and spending like seven dollars for a bottle of beer! Just sit down at a slot machine, put a dollar in, order from the cocktail waitress, tip her a dollar and BAM! That seven dollar beer is now two dollars! I drank a lot of $2 vodka sodas…). So to prepare for a night of drinking, I started out with a gluten free open faced Ruben and truffle tater tots. Once again, nothing much to write home about, it was a great Ruben, the tots were yummy, and it absorbed all of the alcohol I would later consume that night. The waiter did give me a heads up that the tater tots came from a shared fryer, but like I said before, that usually isn’t an issue for me.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar in The Venetian (Dinner):


This was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Not just the best gluten free fried chicken, the best fried chicken, period. Which is why I think it is so weird that they never mention the fact that they offer it anywhere on the menu or website! I had read it at some point, I think on another blog, that they offered it, so I emailed just to make sure. The woman who emailed me back was very helpful, and informed me that not only do they in fact offer gluten free fried chicken, it is fried in fresh oil every time, and they have other dishes on their menu they can make to accommodate my allergy! The waitress was also very helpful when we got there, and recommended that we share an order of fried chicken, and then a few other of the small plates. We ended up ordering cauliflower mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, fried green tomato BLTs, and an order of fried chicken with honey hot sauce. Everything was super delicious! I loved how dill-heavy the deviled eggs were, and the little burst of salty smoked trout roe really took this simple picnic food to the next level. They made the fried green tomato BLT for me without the breading, and it was the bomb! (Do people still say that?). I loved how it was basically a deconstructed BLT, with extra special touches, like house-smoked pork belly, tomato jam, and pimiento cheese. Then there was the chicken, which came out with the cauliflower mashed potatoes. It was perfectly crunchy on the outside, and super juicy on the inside. And you know what? It was even better cold and leftover the next day when I ate it to cure my hangover!

Jaleo by Jose Andres in The Cosmopolitan (Dinner):


This is another restaurant I wanted to try that didn’t list the specific gluten free menu on their website, just a blurb at the bottom about having special menus for guests with allergies, so I took a chance. Thank God I did because this ended up being one of the top five meals of my life! It helps that it’s a tapas place, because that’s one of my favorite ways to eat! I really think the world needs more tapas places! We got the “Jaleo Tasting Experience”, which our awesome waitress informed me, could be made entirely gluten free. I’m very glad we ordered that way, because it had dishes in it that I may have overlooked if I had just picked things out for myself from the menu. Now I’m a major foodie, so indulge me here a little when I tell you about the meal. The chef’s understanding of building levels of flavors and textures were almost surgically precise, while remaining insanely creative. (Can I be a judge on Top Chef now?). I’m not even kidding. There is a reason Jose Andres has so many awards, and is often referred to as a culinary mastermind. I won’t go into detail about each plate, because it will literally read like erotica for food, and I’ll spare you that. Just. Go.