Energy Bites Roundup

Raw, paleo, vegan, gluten free, no bake, granola energy bites. 


I wanted to put all of my no bake energy recipes in one place so that they’re as easy to find as they are to make! 

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut 

Sea Salt Fig and Pistachio 

Cashew Apricot 



Lets face it, The Stay At Work Housewife rarely has time to prepare a meal when hunger hits, and since my stomach isn’t full of gluten, hunger hits a bit more frequently. I like to keep a few ready to eat (or ready with a little effort) snacks on hand that I don’t have to feel guilty about if I happen to over indulge. I personally prefer crunchy snacks; its like my brain gets the message that I’m eating right away. I also find that as I’m crunching, not only does hunger fade, but so does stress; there’s just something about eating a crunchy snack that calms me. But besides silencing a hungry stomach, snacking has been shown to prevent overeating at mealtime, and provide better weight control than those who strictly stick to three meals a day (as long as you’re making healthy choices at snack time, obviously don’t go snacking on some kind of bacon ice cream sundae and expect to lose weight). Here are some of my favorite gluten free snacks that I keep around to fuel my busy, on the go life:

1. Brown rice cake topped with almond butter
2. Blue Diamond Sea Salt Almond Crackers dipped in either hummus or salsa (or both if I’m feeling crazy!)
3. Greek yogurt topped with walnuts and honey
4. BoomChickaPop! Sea Salt Popcorn
5. Cinnamon Rice Chex with almond milk
6. Organic Banana chips (Confession time: I LOVE BANANA CHIPS! I know they aren’t the healthiest snack ever, but they’re better than a lot of other things I could be obsessed with. They’re crunchy AND sweet, and the minute I open the package any stress from my day I was holding onto melts right away.)

What is your favorite snack to grab on the go? Are you team crunchy? Chewy? Salty? Sweet?