Well it has been two weeks since I wrapped up my week-long digestive system healing “cleanse”, similar to the GAPs diet and I am happy to report that I still feel great! I have been able to pinpoint a few things that upset my digestive system and give me heartburn and I have found that as long as I stay away from them I feel amazing!

My digestive system irritating culprits are:

Raw onion- Immediate sickness, I’m talking the worst heartburn EVER and almost flu-like symptoms. (Yuck!)

Black coffee- It isn’t so bad if it’s more almond milk than coffee, but I had a cup of straight up black coffee and thought I had ruined all of my hard work. My stomach became super inflamed and I was sweating like crazy! I can’t give up coffee (it goes hand-in-hand with my workaholism) but I’m definitely going to dilute it from now on.

Dairy- It was never my friend in large amounts, I get an ear ache and super mucousy, ew.

I’m still avoiding most raw fruits and vegetables since they’ve always taken a toll on my digestive system, but the few salads and the amazing cantaloupe right out of my uncle’s garden I had didn’t seem to make me as sleepy and crampy as usual!



Yesterday was day five on my digestive system healing meal plan, similar to the GAPs Intro Diet.  Nothing too crazy to report, I had a bit of a headache, either from lack of caffeine or bacteria die off, but it wasn’t unbearable.  I did however advance myself along in my meal plan and had a light dinner of a bun-less veggie burger, something that would normally cause stomach cramping and heartburn, but actually had no negative effects!  That does not give me permission to jump back in and start eating whatever again, I still plan on following out the rest of my meal plan, and introducing things that would have been a problem very slowly at dinner; with caffeine, alcohol, dairy and raw fruits/vegetables being very last on the list.  The weirdest part of this whole diet has been my body odor, I started noticing on day three that my skin smelled really sweet, and even my husband commented that I smell like chocolate, not the worst thing to smell like! Tomorrow I brave a cookout, so I’ll let you know how that goes!



Yesterday was day four on my digestive system healing meal plan, similar to the GAPs Intro Diet. I’m going to try to put this delicately…the symptoms people think of when they hear “cleanse” started in the morning. Lots of time in the bathroom if you catch my drift. But really, that only lasted until about 11 am and then everything was back to normal. This was the first day I didn’t feel like I needed a cup of coffee, and the cravings for terrible food were at a minimum. I had a little bit of stomach discomfort in the evening, which might have been bad bacteria dying off. Again, nothing life altering. I have started a board on Pinterest of gluten free, mostly grain free, dairy free recipes to start trying once the week is over, so I’m looking forward to that! I think the best part of all of this is how much water I have been drinking, I’ve never been one to be good about staying hydrated, but I can already tell what a huge difference that alone is making!



Yesterday was day three on my digestive system healing meal plan, similar to the GAPs Intro Diet. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever felt, but I could definitely feel my body trying to fight off the bad bacteria giving it’s last effort in my stomach. At times I felt a little nauseous and was feverish all day. The caffeine and sugar cravings were rough, all I wanted in the world was an iced mocha from Crimson cup! Oh, and I cheated again. I wanted pancakes soooooo badly and started getting so lightheaded that, in order to not take out a whole IHOP, I made some. Now before you freak out, these “pancakes” were puréed butternut squash, cinnamon and almond meal, cooked like a pancake in coconut oil, topped with the tiniest bit of honey. They weren’t pretty, and they weren’t the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted, but they kept me from falling completely off the wagon so I don’t feel bad! At this point it still isn’t effecting my daily life, I’m not running to the bathroom every five minutes or so hungry I can’t even function. My stomach feels healthy, it isn’t inflamed at all and the headaches have been minimal. Annnnd I’m halfway there!!!!



Yesterday was day two on my digestive system healing meal plan, similar to the GAPs Intro Diet. I was pretty hungry, and I actually cheated a bit and gave into a sugar craving with a piece of dark chocolate. My stomach gurgled a little but nothing major happened. I don’t feel guilty about it though, and if you ever deviate from your plans don’t beat yourself up about it, just get back on track afterwards. The meal plan still isn’t horrible to follow though, it isn’t effecting my daily life at all and my stomach feels normal! I’ve heard day three is the worst though, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow!