Back in February I totally destroyed all of the hard work I had done healing my digestive system after my diagnosis with a gluten intolerance. I slipped on some ice, got a concussion, and ruined my stomach with pain killers. Soon after that, my sister moved back from Florida (YAY!) and so began the further destruction of my digestive system through the consumption of excessive alcohol, and indulging in some not so great foods. (One of my sister’s favorite restaurants here is a hot dog place, that basically stays in business because it’s perfect drunk food in a college town. They have something on their menu called “tater tot-chos” or tater tot nachos, so that gives you some insight into the quality of food I have been eating since February.) I’m ready to admit that I’ve spiraled out of control when it comes to my healthy eating habits, into a life style of poor food choices and excess alcohol. I’m paying for it with heartburn, bloating, inflammation, and low energy; I might as well go back to eating gluten if I continue in this direction.

After loads of research and sifting through conflicting information, I have developed a program to heal my digestive system similar to the GAPS and Spleen Qi Deficiency diet plans. It seems counterproductive, but along with healing my gut I am also going to be encouraging an increase in stomach acid. Not only does a healthy amount of stomach acid aid in digestion, it decreases your chances for heartburn and indigestion. You see, if you don’t have enough acid in your stomach, your esophagus doesn’t get the message to stay closed for protection, and the small amount of acid that is in your stomach is able to splash up into your throat. (Ew…) Which aside from being gross, over time wears away the lining of your esophagus, encouraging cancer cells to grow. Before I knew this I would eat antiacids like candy, which is the LAST thing you want to do! By doing so you are neutralizing your stomach acid, slowing digestion and telling your esophagus to stay open.

The building blocks of this digestive system healing diet are as follows:

Bone Broth- The gelatin in bone broth attracts and holds digestive juices, supporting proper digestion, and the amino acids have anti inflammatory effects.

Fermented Vegetables- Fermented foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, introduce beneficial bacteria into your digestive system and helps you absorb more nutrients in the food you eat.

Cooked Low Fiber Vegetables- Low fiber vegetables, such as cauliflower, all types of squash and carrots, are easier to digest, decreasing the amount of undigested material in your intestines, and provide your body with concentrated protein, potassium, vitamins and minerals.

Apple Cider Vinegar- Apple cider vinegar corrects low stomach acid conditions, detoxifies your liver, and improves the quality of intestinal flora, controlling the spread of candida fungus.

For my one week digestive system healing meal plan, click here.

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