Viva Las Vegas Gluten Free! (Part One)

My review on the gluten-free meals I enjoyed on my recent trip to Las Vegas!

My clothes are still in my suitcase but I just had to write this post while the excitement and flavors of Vegas are still fresh in my mind! I had an amazing time, and it was a lot of fun sharing my trip with those of you who follow me on Instagram along the way. I got a lot of questions about where I was eating and I tried to answer as much as I could, but I’m dying to go into much greater detail for you guys!

First let me start by saying if you’re just doing research by going online and looking for gluten free menus you might miss some amazing places. The best meals I had on the entire trip made no mention of having a specific gluten free menu, but because they sounded so great, I emailed ahead of time for confirmation that they could accommodate my allergy. Most places were more than happy to! So if there’s a place that sounds like something you would love to try, don’t be discouraged by the lack of a gluten free menu, or else you might miss out on an awesome meal!

Mon Ami Gabi in Paris (Brunch):


This is really the only breakfast I had on the whole trip (My body and stomach couldn’t get used to the three hour time change so I never actually craved breakfast foods, LOL). I had this on my list to try for dinner, because they have a designated gluten free menu for dinner, but when we flew in I was starving and figured even though they didn’t have gluten free items listed on their brunch menu, I could probably find something. I was super excited when the waitress informed me that they could do the French toast, waffles, and eggs Benedict completely gluten free. I’m a French toast kind of girl, so I jumped right on that, and I wasn’t disappointed! It came with three pieces of French toast dusted with powdered sugar, blueberry syrup and fresh, hand-whipped cream. It looked and tasted so perfect, that if it had not come with an allergy marker on it, I would have panicked for a second thinking I was eating the real, gluteny thing!

The Palm Restaurant in Ceasars Palace (Lunch):


Do you want an amazing deal while you’re in Las Vegas that doesn’t involve sitting through some three hour timeshare meeting? The Palm restaurant has a three course, $25 meal called “The Power Lunch”. I got the mixed green salad, Atlantic salmon fillet with mango salsa and a side of steamed vegetables, and a slice of flourless chocolate cake. There was perfection in the simplicity of the meal. The salad was just radishes, carrots, and mixed greens with a garlic vinaigrette, but it was so perfectly composed and dressed, that it was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. The flourless chocolate cake was like a big slice of chocolate truffle, it was so dense and fudgy! Make sure you get a cappuccino with it!

Shake Shack in New York New York (Lunch):


I have to admit that I had actually never heard of Shake Shack before, but because my husband was so excited about it, I had to try it! They have a really simple menu, which is always a good sign, because they clearly focus on doing a few things very well. I ordered a single shack burger without a bun, fries, and a chocolate shake. Let me tell you, the fries were some of the best I have ever had! I’m not sure if they’re made in a shared fryer, but that doesn’t usually bother me, so I was fine. Be sure to ask though if you’re really sensitive to that.

Well that’s it for part one of my meals in Las Vegas! Click here for all the amazing dinners that I had on the trip!

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